Monday, December 21, 2009

A New Look Cocoon Couture

Cocoon Couture is excited to launch its new look web site! Be sure to check it out. If you would like to stay in touch with our news, new product launches, specials and pieces of inspiration then please go to our subscribe page and sign up to receive our FREE newsletter which will keep you in touch through the year on our latest blog posts etc....!

Cocoon Couture's new look range page is one of my favorite pages; leading you into our collections of kids bean bags, room accessories, kids bags and wall art plus more!

We also have a new blog attached to our site now which will be kept up to date with lots of fabulous news and visual delights; including our latest Activities for you to download for you child to do...or craft to is just so exciting now to have such a beautiful site to help show off the cocoon couture collection.
Wishing you and your family and friends Peace and Joy this Christmas, a happy; fun filled New Years Eve and wonderful holidays!
Looking forward to having you all subscribe to our new blog!

enjoy xxxxx

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christmas is for Giving

Christmas is not far off now and Cocoon Couture is a hive of activity! We wanted to share with you some special prices to help make your Christmas shopping easy.
Visit our site for more unique limited edition pieces on sale now!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Papier Mache a feast for the imagination

Cocoon Couture is just in love with the second issue of Papier Mache! Available to view online now this stunning children's magazine offers you a wonderful source of inspiration.
Be inspired to get crafty with this lovely project by queen of crafting Pip Lincolne, from Meet Me at Mikes.
Pip's little boy Ari designed this beautiful Fox art work which is so sweet and reminds me of our own cocoon couture Little Foxy.
Be sure to check it out!
enjoy xx

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christmas Time is Here!

As always Christmas creeps up on us and we find ourselves in November starting to think about the exciting calender ahead! So today I started my shopping and thanks to LMNOP and another lovely blog So Happy Kids , I discovered this lovely site from the UK mibostudio.
You can order a delightful set of these paper Christmas Creatures Robin, Polar Bear, Rudolf, Chrismouse and Mr Partridge. A wonderful activity to do with your children, my favorite thing to do is make our decorations for the tree and home.

Here at Cocoon Couture we are already in full swing this Christmas season; our delightful keep sake Santa Sacks are almost sold out! I have had to keep the elves on their machines going day and night to stay in stock. Little Reindeer and Dreamy Dove, Swinging Santa and Christmas Tweet all find their way into the heart of each child that comes to own them. On Christmas morning there is magic in the room and squeal's of delight when finding that Santa has been to fill up their Santa Sack.

RRP $55.00 Every Cocoon Couture Christmas Sack come with unique vintage fabric applique hi lights.
visit our site for exclusive Cocoon Couture stockists

I also wanted to mention that if you sign up to the mibo newsletter they will send you a FREE download of their beautiful 2010 calender! I am planning to make some up for Christmas pressies along with some yummy mince tarts!

Enjoy xx

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wall Art from Parties Past!

I was over at mum and dads the other weekend and mum bought out a box of goodies for me to sift through. This box held all the cards she had kept from when we were babies and some from when she turned 21 and then from her engagement! What a treat! Thanks mum for holding onto all these treasures; which have become a delightful source of inspiration and decoration for me.
This lovely little Spanish Dancer card is just divine, complete with embroidered top and tiered lace skirt!
Mum's first mother's day card from me! Into my Cocoon Couture ideas book it goes! I am planning to frame these cards to put in the bed room, a nice collection for me full of love and memories.
This 21'st card is my favorite! It is printed on a beautiful stock and designed by Marion Foster for the Gordon Fraser Gallery, UK. This publishing company was around in the 30's through to the 80's and produced some beautiful keep sake gift cards all designed by artists of the time.
The big eyed girl, this one designed by 'June' again for the Gordon Fraser Gallery and the Balcony scene below by 'Gaillot'.

These two Sweet Hearts are just divine and I love the the two little love birds in each scene! They remind me of our Cocoon Couture Early Birds! Designed by Franciose Bardiaux for Gordon Fraser Gallery. I found another collector on line which you might like to check out!

If you are feeling crafty and want to find something for your children's bedroom walls; the Cocoon Couture Wall Art is a lovely addition to any eclectic collection! The boys and their friend Liela have been busy making their pieces up for their room and love the sense of achievment when the pieces are finished and hung on the wall.

Cocoon Couture wall art RRP $49.95

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kicking back at the Sunday Market

On Sunday the Torquay Cowrie Community Market was on; which is always a treat to check out. For me its the food, the organic veggies and a bit of local live music sitting on the grass in the sun (hopefully!).
I took Flynn and met up with my friend, photographer extraordinaire, Anita Beaney and her daughter Leila. The crowd was bustling despite the lack of sunshine and the vibe was great.
Flynn and Leila couldn't stand still with so much to look at and managed to spend their allocated money not too long after we arrived. First buy of the day for Leila was a home made barbie out fit. Flynn had his heart set on this tribal necklace; which he thought about all market before going back to the first stall and making his buy. Thankfully they were able to walk past the used toy stand with out asking for more!! Ha ha....

Seasoned shoppers deciding what or if to buy ...taking their time to make a decision!

Home made lovelies with buttons....

Time to get some food and catch some tunes on the grass; the blue ice cones were a blast. Even though a cold day the kids still insisted on choosing this market treat! Brrrr....

My favorite food at the market; Tibetan Momo's with their home made chilli sauce and soy! YUM!! Not sure if I will try and make some but check out the link for a recipe; the local Buddhist momo's you just cant beat!

Leila took her favorite Cocoon Couture Tiny Toucan Shoulder bag for collecting her goodies on our Market Day outing. Later at the beach it was perfect to fit in the extra rocks and shells that she found....oh also her jumper once the sun came out and her shoes!

Flynn used his new Monster Couture back pack to hold his super cool 'lava rocks' and market buys; what was great is that I didn't have to end up carrying their finds; as they were wanted to carry their own bags! A perfect day out. xx

Cocoon Couture Shoulder bags, available in a variety of gorgeous cocoon couture critters. RRP $39.95

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Okido, Creative Fun while Learning

Okido would have to be my new favorite kids activity magazine, web site and 'must have' entertainer when out for morning coffee with friends.
Okido is an art and science magazine for children; both educational, inspiring and fun all at the same time!
The brain child of multimedia designer and scientist, Sophie Davuois and illustrator Rachel Ortas; the winning combination of talent provides your child with a captivating and inspiring learning experience.
This beautiful publication is available every 3 months and for us here in Australia you can subscribe and even buy back issues!

The latest issue for Okido is on the Moon; is full of wonderful activities perfect for young children; recipes, and interesting facts hidden amongst the variety of stories.
Also available, are these simply beautiful post cards; perfect for any birthdays or occasions where you need a unique card on hand! Being a collector of many things I just love to have them up on the pin board for inspiration!
There is also a great 'Okidoodle Book' which is the perfect colouring in, crazy sketch doodle book for the plane or car trip when heading away...I had to buy some more as the boys had filled theirs up!
Also check out their blog for latest happenings in Okido land!
Cocoon Couture Early Bird wall art kit. RRP $49.95

Cocoon Couture is soon to be launched into the UK at the Bubble London trade fair and we are so excited to announce our new distributor Avocado and Cress!

Cocoon Couture offers a range of creative activities for your child with the stunning wall art kits. Made from FSC approved timber the ply wood tile provides a beautiful surface to create a unique Cocoon Couture critter scene with our re-positional stickers. Available in a choice of critter designs, Early Bird, Sleepy Owl, Gorgeous Giraffe, Mini Monkey, Timmy Tiger and Mr Whale.
The perfect birthday present or stocking filler for this Christmas!
Enjoy xx

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Magical Ponyo

School Holidays at last! Which has been such a welcome relief to the daily routine of lunches and pickup and drop off deadlines. Thanks to Babyology; one of the activities on our to do list for these holidays was to go and see the movie Ponyo by the Academy Award tm Winning Director Hayao Miyazaki. Who also directed other memorable animated films such as My Neighbor Totoro which is a number one favorite in our household; Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away.

Ponyo did not disappoint; (with the boys were set with their popcorn and choc top ice creams) as soon as the movie started they were transfixed to the screen; as was I! Half way through the feature; Archer said to me 'Mum I Love this movie'; I then looked down the row to Flynn who was sitting there quietly his face was beaming from ear to ear!

There is something magical and uninhibited by the real yet innocent world that Hayao Miyazaki creates. His stories are to be cherished by the young and old (er); I highly recommend Ponyo for this holiday program, it will most definitely hold a special place in the childhood memories of my two boys; which makes me smile.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Twitching and Twittering, an Obsession with Birds

I am an avid hoarder and when I was young (er) I was mad about birds and collected all things to do with them. Today I want to share with you a sneak peak from my 'Tuckfield's Australian Bird Studies' card collection. Ahhh aren't they just divine?

I thought you might like to read a little about the birds I have chosen to share with you, check out the back for useful twitcher information!

With all things birds in our beautiful bean bag collection, early bird, dreamy owl and sleepy owl; cocoon couture would not be here if it weren't for my love of birds and these delightful treasures. Even the social networking site twitter giving reference to the song birds sing to chat with each other I thought it was appropriate I share these precious bits from my archives.