Friday, May 29, 2009

The Possum That Didn't

One of my favourite books from my child hood is 'The Possum That Didn't' by Frank Tashlin.
It is a story of a little possum that would hang upside down in his tree; smiling at the world. Until one day the 'people from the city' came on an outing to the country side and saw the possum hanging upside down; thinking he was sad.
As the story goes on the 'people from the city' take the possum to the city where 'everyone is happy' to make him SMILE. And as time goes by the possum gets sadder and sadder until his mouth turns down...into what the city folk think is a smile! Written and illustrated by Frank Tashlin in 1951; this wonderful book with a message that is still poignant today is part of series of books by the same author. Another one of his books of this time is The Bear that Wasn't.
This title was made into a cartoon in 1960 and is one to try and look up...
What I love is the simplicity of the illustrations that draw you in with their graphic wit and emotional depth; all in Black and White from this first edition of 'The Possum That Didn't' 1951.

Watch them Grow

Cocoon Couture offers a beautiful range of room accessories; but I think one of my favorite pieces are our delightful Height Charts.

Inspired by the height chart from my childhood; a printed linen wall hanging which was an ever constant in my room when growing up..I still have this same one in my treasure box of goodies from the past.

Only back then they used the need for a change was an exciting and inspiring design project which ended in our Woodland and Jungle land height charts.

Printed on Cotton Linen blend, these beautiful height charts make the most beautiful wall hanging for your child's room; not to mention they are a fun and novel way to chart your children's growth!

Included with your height chart are three wooden pegs on which you can write your child's name on to keep track of their height without marking the wall hanging.
The Woodland height chart comes with 3 delightful 'acorn' shaped pegs; while the Jungle land height chart comes with 3 cute 'palm leaf' shaped pegs.
Finished with a satin varnished wooden strip at the top and the bottom of the height chart.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Cocoon couture just loves receiving their subscription of
LMNOP on line magazine. Out
now is issue seven; full of fabulous finds relating to letters...alphabet...words and anything to do with typography and children.
Not only is it a great read the visual delight of flicking thru the fresh and ever groovy imagery gets me every time.
Visit LMNOP now for your FREE subscription to their beautiful magazine.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Enchanting Wall Art

Cocoon Couture releases its much anticipated wall art collection; delightful designs to make up your self.

These beautiful wall art kits come in a selection of cocoon couture's favorite characters; Sleepy Owl, Early Bird, Gorgeous Giraffe, Mini Monkey, Mr Whale and Timmy Tiger.
Cocoon Couture's unique wall art tiles are handcrafted from environmentally friendly ply wood from 'FCS' managed plantation forest.

Each piece of art features a coloured trim on the edge of the wood and come with part of the design pre printed. Two sheets of re positional stickers are included in the pack along with a card illustrating the complete image for the child to follow.
With easy to follow instructions and a bit of artistic liscence your child will create their own piece of cocoon couture art!

Included in the kit are two sheets of the stickers to ensure the final art can be completed over and over again!