Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sweet Little Foxy

One of my first little critters I designed was Little Foxy. When I was a wee thing my Nana had a fur shrug called Foxy; how politically incorrect these days to have a real fox head, tail, legs and all around your neck! But never the less when I was a little girl it was my favorite dress up along with this beautiful white ball dress.
I have always loved the imagery of foxes; and growing up in the
70's there sure were a lot of illustrations of them around.
conjure up a magical and adventurous world; the little fox scampering across the yard in the moonlight to get to his burrow or who knows where! They are of course a little bit naughty and cheeky but some how they are still so cute;
and from my childhood memory soft and fury.
Our Little Foxy is
featured through the cocoon couture collection; first shown on our bean bags in a beautiful 1950's inspired blue and white stripe fabric with sweet red toadstools. I chose this fabric as it was reminiscent of the woodland forest the little fox would live in. Now also available in a beautiful cheeky red and white spot on a delicious Chocolate pin wale cord bean bag; you can also find Little foxy in our woodland height chart. For a limited edition Little Foxy kinder bag visit mummy's favorite site now. Stay tuned for more Little Foxy pieces in 2010.

There are some wonderful books about foxes; some of my favorites are Hello, Red Fox by Eric Carle
and who can not mention the classic Dr Seuss Fox in Socks I have also found this link to an animated video of the book...for a bit of fun.
As well as some images from my book collection to make you smile.
To WIN a Little Foxy bean bag cover subscribe to our blog and also email your thoughts to on what new colour you would like to see next in our bean bag collection and don't forget to mention this blog post. Winner announced 20th July 2009.
Congratulations Monica you are the proud winner of the Little Foxy Bean Bag!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Besotted with the Moomins

Moomintroll and Snufkin, Moominmamma and Mymble… These delightful characters are such a part of my childhood, it’s hard to admit that they’re not real. I pored over Tove Jansson whimsical fantasy books as a child, and they have inspired me ever since. Jansson had a magical talent, bringing to life her sweet characters and the woods in which they lived, using the simplest of illustrations.

She created a memorable setting – the warm Moomin valley would be alive with birdsong and bubbling brooks in summer, or blanketed in a soft carpet of snow in winter. The Moomins, who loved adventures as much as they loved life and nature itself, would return from their adventures to the gentle valley, and be safe and sound once again. Moomin valley was the inspiration behind cocoon
couture’s Enchanted
Forest Tree. I wanted to create a special place where our critters could hang out together… early bird, little foxy, cheeky squirrel and sleepy owl; and now our new dreamy owl. I like to think that these critters share the Moomins’ taste for adventure – but also love to just be. Jannson’s stories and illustrations continue to inspire and delight, and I will often pull out my tattered copy of Finn Family Moomintroll and step back into childhood.

I also love scouring the web for Moomin-related sites, and want to share these ones with you:
- Tove Jannson Mommins; a very simple and sweet biography of the
- The Moomins the animated series produced in the UK; so
cute you will have to watch for all the family!
- Who will Comfort Toffle was given to my boys for their 2nd birthday by my dear friend Tania. We all love to hear of Toffle's journey thru this amazing land to find his Miffle. A must for the book shelf.