Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Little House of Your Own

I just have to introduce you to one of my all time favorite books from my childhood. 'A Little House of Your Own' by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers and Irene Hass. Some times you have a book that you just need to pour over and over and try to soak up the wonderful sentiment and try to spirit yourself away into the magic of the illustrations.

A Little House of Your Own with its beautiful pen lined illustrations had the ability to transport me to another world...to my very own special place. It is a wonder what the sense of imagination can give to a child and by sharing this delightful book with my boys has reminded me of how even the simplest things can give a child a sense of their own space.

From under the table with a table cloth; to a big card board box with a few holes in it and a flap for a door. Any tree is a sanctuary for my boys...we travel away from the park to find the biggest and most wonderful trees for them to climb and discover their own special space. One favorite enchanted tree my boys love to discover over and over again is fondly called 'The Monster Tree', and a must to visit every week.

I just loved these pages when I was young (and now!)...in fact I would love to share the whole book with you but had to resist. The little tea party in the tree house is my all time favorite dream cubby. Maybe it is why I love camping so much; just like my little house of my own in many different magical National Parks around Australia.

Martha's house was always the lovely little house came complete with a chimney, curtains on the window and a table and chairs. I always thought she was a 'lucky duck' to have a mini grown up house! But the tent over the clothes line and the couches and chairs with blankets and bean bags never disappoints. In fact sometimes the less perfect and most improvised the space the better!

If you are keen to find this book have a look at amazon to see what you can buy; funnily enough I have not been able to find many on sale with my original cover circa 1959 (it was my dear Auntie Sue's book when she was young).

Why not mess the house up today and create a cubby for your kids...or send them outside to find a bit of space under that overgrown bush in the yard. Don't forget a few comforts; like blankets, a picnic rug, cushions, bean bags, table (if it is big enough) and a tea set would be nice too.

Enjoy! xx